Friday, December 17, 2010


I am having a dual mind about writing this piece as several people reminded me to slow down and stop whacking PR. There are readers that say that I have personal vendetta against Azmin. Honestly I don’t. I write base on my own assessment on situation. As always it is written without fear or favor.

Right now, it is without denial after the PKR polls fiasco my respect for Azmin has gone down rock bottom. With his latest statement about giving full autonomy to Sarawak, it shows how dangerous some politicians can be in trying to secure votes. I wonder who will give the promise to create a new settlement on the moon.

GO VISIT Autonomy – Utter NONSENSE!


Jong said...

LOL!!! such coincidence!
I have also been accused of having 'personal vendetta against Azmin' and yes, I did not mince my words describing PrettyBoy -"confidence-man preying", "politician
desperado" and "power-grabber"!
I strongly feel it's beyond his jurisdiction, even to reinforce an earlier promise of "Full Autonomy" and best left in the hands of senior top leaders of Pakatan Rakyat to follow-up, not him! But his servile supporter obviously didn't like what I said, check here..

Colin Chai said...

Uncle Bernard,

Azmin, promise,promise and promise. Empty promises only. Looking for power in the party only. Where got help the people.
See what happen to the UKRC land issue. Until now, never see Azmin in Ulu Klang.So many people problem still not resolved.
The Selangor EXCO also so slow to resolve the UKRC.

My family also all now fed up with Pakatan Rakyat.Promise but never deliver.
Next GE, Pakatan Rakyat Selangor, dont know how?

Anonymous said...

Yeah,then vote BN. What's your problem???

zorro said...

Anon1209am....that's exactly what home-grown Malaysian idiots will continue to do - lie on their tummies and get sodomised. Don't you feel humiliated to be violated such after you gave BN your vote...unless you are on the take and that eases the humiliation.