Sunday, December 26, 2010




How now Hisham?

Who now can protect us?

Our Suhakam?

Our Bar Council?

Our Rulers?

The PM?

Not OUR until he ASKs for OUR mandate!

Michael Silent Night C hong?






30 – 1 – 11


nstman said...

The only person who can protect us is Hisham. He he he. Hisham, Mr Wonderful of the police force.

sampalee said...

The cops in Tenang are good.Do not take out on the innocent which the politicians will do with no qualms so as to further their agenda.The rakyat must march to remove the ocpd,Igp and the home minister.Otherwise,the rogue will get bolder and the next victim may turn out to be someone close to you.Using the ballot box can easily send the wrong message.What if bn win with bigger majority in Tenang?Is the whole damn thing then justified.Read the Mahabharatas as lord Krisna prepare Aljunid for battle in spite of his unwillingness for the suffering from that of a battle field.

Jong said...

"Who now can protect us?"
- Sadly, NONE that you mentioned!

We desperately need CHANGE, and yes dump umno/BN and change the government, 53 years is too bloody long!

We don't need rulers but guardians with scruples; not hypocrites, liars, thieves and robbers to plunder this nation bankrupt, but a government for the People by the People and YES, we have a nation to take back!

Ketuanan RAKYAT is what we want, not their Ketuanan umnoMelayu, make no mistake about that.

Anonymous said...

well,is about time the chinese got what their deserve. It's well known fact,that when an indian gets shot or beaten up by the cops,the chinese are quite please .This arrogant chinese prick must have been rude and probably said "you tahu siapa saya?"(well known phrase from the chinese)to the cops.

There are so many chinese road bullies on the street of KL and Selangor,why? because they can get away by bribe a cop and have political connections,or so they think!

The cops will have my support if they go all out against the chinese triad dragons,shoot them all.

so,cut the hypocrisy and the dishonesty shall we?

Old Fart said...

This Chia guy does not look like a BN supporter. So when they can't get your vote in the usual way, they beat it out of you la.

Anonymous said...

You see that is why they are expanding RELA. They unable to control the PM Police Malaysia, now they will use the RELA to control the poilce. And when you cannot control the RELA then you use the Tentera Watania.

me said...

The police to protect you? Where have you been-lah for all these years? Why you blind or no see. You have a good look at any Police Stations in town. Look closely-lah. They are all fenced up nicely with gates. They (the police) are here to protect themselves only-lah. Please stop asking the question why Police no protecting you-lah. It makes me sick-lerr!

me said...

I tell you what, if this happen in Australia, that guy Chia will be a very rich man. He can sue the Chief Commissioner and the respective State Government until their backsides open flowers-lah! Guarantee!

Anonymous said...

Dr Brady Barr of National Geographic channel must face our polis for the most 'Dangerous Encounter'.

Anonymous said...

The HM supports the man in uniform . He used to blame the people just like the cow head issue. This man in uniform becomes big headed and think no one can stop them. Kick out HM and BN should solve all this wicked PDRM right up to the AG.

Anonymous said...

The brutality of some of our uncivilised polis is pretty shameful.

mauriyaII said...

What happened to that unfortunate Chia is part of the standard procedure of PDRM of Bolehland.

Bashing up innocent persons at their whims and fancies is the norm of our police force. If the guy happens to die because of police brutality, just plant a parang or two. Better still plant some forbidden drugs and claim that he deserved to die anyway as he was a drug pusher.

Why do we always expect the higher ranking police officers especially the IGP or the Home Minister to do the right thing under the circumstances?

Being accountable and willing to take responsibility and resign as in any other Asian country just does not apply to the racist, arrogant and corrupt ones in Malaysia.

These vile creatures holding onto power because they hold all the trump cards will not change their ketuanan mindset. Their apartheid mentality sown and cultivated by the evil Mamakthir a/l Mohamad Kutty has taken such a deep root in the Malay psyche through the NEP that the only way to uproot it is through the ballot box.

Only when a new political entity like the Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putra Jaya can Malaysia get rid of the scum that has hijacked the Judiciary, AG, PDRM, MACC and even the Malaysian civil service through corruption and playing the race card.

When the root of the EVIL starts from the top, then that must be chopped off first. Even in a pseudo-democracy such as the one practised in Malaysia, EVIL can only be replaced through the GE.

Let us use the 13th GE to send a strong message to all usurpers of power not to take the rakyat for granted. Let us kick out the corrupted, arrogant and racist UMNO/BN for the good of the country.

Anonymous said...

The Opposition Leader is a manipulated victim of the Cowadice BN Leader, who is an implicated Murderer, as he wanted the Opposition Leader to be jailed so that he can win the coming General Election without a stronger opponent thereafter will only continue to oppress the Rakyats with his selfish agenda of GST and then to be more corrupted with more projects' announcements so that he will award those projects to his proxies or try to get more kickbacks from non-proxies if the projects were so awarded say in the same way as the French Submarine's purchase, very soon the Federal Government Coffer will be depleted so that they will have a good reason raise the prices of Diesel and Petrol in order to cheat more money and then Sell more Government Bonds to raise more money to cheat and plunder, don't buy those bonds because they have no money to repay as they have depleted all the Funds contributed from Petronas in the 53 years of UMNO's unabated Corruptions.

Make sure all the Rakyats vote to throw UMNO/BN out this coming GE 13 along with their Police Henchmen Bully and MACC Murderers

Anonymous said...

Our beloved Tengku, Tun Razak and Hussein Onn will be so disgusted and horrified to see the way our polis force is going and how a few evil officers are destroying the good relationship of rakyat and polis and damaging image of PDRM.
Why the silence and inaction of Home Minister Hishammuddin ?
This issue concern all of us as the victim not only had his money stole and got beaten but also threatened with being charge for a trumped up drugs and weapon offence. How sickening is this fr our makes you want to vomit and it really stinks to high heaven !
Oh M'sia our hearts bleed for you !

Anonymous said...

Malu betul polis kita!

Anonymous said...

The root problems revolve around the NEP, the rising extremism based on race or religion. These make us a close society. Talented people gravitate towards open societies because such societies provide the optimum economic and cultural milieu conducive for attraction of domestic and foreign investments, innovation and R&D and also the cosmopolitan environment for leisure and lifestyle of the talented and skilled.

Sure, China, Taipei, Korea, Vietnam and India lose their talents as well but are compensated by substantial returnees – in part due to the right mix of policies to expand the economy and generate career opportunities for the talents to work and thrive.

They don’t have the NEP and Bumi-non Bumi dichotomy and hence could engender greater patriotism amongst their nationals returning. Whilst they become increasingly more open a society, we become more closed: that’s the difference.

To be sure, the PM knows the root problems. Najib himself said “a society that is closed up will not attract the best brains; it will attract mediocre people and the good ones would have left the country, and we will be a lot poorer as a result”.

However knowing is one thing, addressing and having the political will to address the root problem is another, lacking which Talent Corp becomes a posturing to be seen doing something than actually doing it – all because of the fear of losing political support and positions.

Malaysians here and in Diaspora become despondent when NEM reverses to NEP, Perkasa gets appeased in its agenda than rebuked and chastised. (In fact quite the reverse happened).

Limiting hope, growth and opportunity always exacerbate the exodus than reverse the migration of the brightest and the best of any country.