Monday, November 2, 2009


FOR some 10 years already the Human Resource have been churning out half-baked regulations on Sexual Harassment. It is learnt that Minister Sharizat is hell-bent on pushing this through this time. DAP stalwart Chong Eng is putting her weight behind Sharizat. Already the movement is facing some half-assed remarks from none other than the Labor Department's Director General. Wonder what Mrs Ismail Rahim and her daughter(s) are thinking now.....


nstman said...

The culture of insulting and humiliating women is embedded in Umno and civil service consciousness. Ninety per cent of jokes in Umno get-togethers are at the expense of women. And they think it is funny. And the sad joke is they dont even realise how they come into this earth. It's time women tell these morons to suck it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. PM Of Malaysia....

What have you got to say for "your" minister Director General Ismail Abdul Rahim of the Labour Department...??????

For Ismail to say "that" that means you & your entire department condones sexual harrasment...!!!

Am I right or "right"..???
Eerr.... don't forget he works for the goverment just like you do.

What you guys says, speaks & represents "for" the entire goverment.

Anonymous said...

Typical Neanderthal comment.

Sexual harassment
is demeaning to the victim and
causes all kinds of psychological
trauma. It can also affect the victim physically.

It can also be a form of bullying.

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

DG Ismail Abdul Rahim must be one of those closet women bashers. He can't do that to the women in the civil service and so he comes up with this nobrainer to condone sexual harrasment.
He is a Malay and a UMNO minion. He just speaks for the warlords in UMNO who treat women like doormats. Some go to the extent to murder and dispose of the evidence with C4.
What is your take, Wanita UMNO and Puteri UMNO? Is sexual harrasment like groping, grabbing butts, squeezing your nuts and crotch alright with you?
Isn't part and parcel of UMNO culture?

Anonymous said...

has this dept bought anyting costing rm43,000.00 each !!??

symphony said...

This guy should be publicly shat at and shot. What goes on in their minds? And these are senior public servants. I hope his wife and children are aware of his views. Ptuuuuuuiiiiiiihhh!!!

Jong said...

Symphony, "senior" here is inappropriate, "rogues" more apt!

cicitHJHASSANu said...

waduh!waduh!manteeep dong...gambarnya ya

ofcoz,najib was maked a wrong decision...jamaludin jarjis exactly