Monday, September 24, 2007


The Bar Council today unanimously decided:

  1. To submit a memorandum to the Prime Minister and the Malaysian Cabinet next Wednesday, September 26 for the setting up of a royal commission to investigate the video clip.

  2. To convene an extraordinary general meeting of the Malaysian Bar at 3pm on Saturday, October 6 at the Legend Hotel here.

The Bar Council calls on EVERY member of the Bar to join members of the Bar Council in the march from the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya to the Prime Minister's office to hand over the memorandum.

All members of civil society, NGOs and NGIs are welcome to join the lawyers on the steps leading up to the Palace of Justice and to then proceed to the PM’s office.

FIVE buses have been chartered to ferry lawyers and those interested to join in the march from Kuala Lumpur to Putrajaya.

The buses will leave the Bar secretariat at 9.00 a.m.

Arrangement for the Save the Judiciary March (Sept. 26):

  • Members are requested to meet at the stairs of the Palace of Justice at 11am on Wednesday.

  • Buses will also be chartered and will be at the Bar Council Secretariat at 9am that morning.

  • The attire is Black and White with jacket.
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    (Map courtesy of sobnation blog)


    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket From the President of the Malaysian Bar Council, Mdm. Ambiga Sreenevasan.

    "...Yet again a crisis has emerged in the Judiciary.

    The rot and shaken confidence in the Judiciary began with the 1988 Judicial Crisis which involved the suspension of 6 Supreme Court Judges and the subsequent removal of 3 of them including the then Lord President.

    Since then numerous other allegations have surfaced which have not been taken seriously.

    - For too long we have watched the confidence in the Judiciary wane.

    - For too long we have watched the judicial appointment process become unfathomable and shrouded in secrecy.

    - For too long we have heard criticism after criticism about the Judiciary.

    - For too long we have cried out for reform, but the authorities have not heeded our pleas.
    Malaysians cannot afford to stand by and watch any longer. The time has come for us to act decisively.

    The videotape raises at least the following questions:
    (1) How exactly were the appointments of Judges made at that time and since 1988, and what was the basis?

    (2) Were appointments determined by outsiders to the process under the Constitution (involving e.g. businessmen or litigants), and how was this allowed?

    (3) Who are the “key players” in the Judiciary referred to in the conversation?

    (4) Who were the “soldiers” referred to in the conversation?

    (5) Who were in the “other camp” referred to in the conversation?

    (6) Who were the people who “fought for us”? Who is “us”? Who are “our friends”?

    (7) What was the “private arrangement” referred to in the conversation?

    (8) What was the 110% loyalty referring to?

    (9) What was the nature of the relationships between the businessman, the lawyers, the politicians and members of the Judiciary?
    These and many other questions raised by the video cry out for answers.

    It underscores the need for a Judicial Commission.

    If there is no truth in the allegations or inferences arising out of the video, then the parties concerned must be vindicated.

    If there is truth in the allegations (or in some of them), stern and appropriate action must follow.

    Either way, silence, dismissal, lukewarm responses or lack of action are NOT options for the Government.

    The response of the Chief Justice on Friday (21 September 2007) that he has no comment in response to the video clip is unacceptable but telling.

    It is most disappointing to hear of official responses that seek to divert attention to the whistleblower, and threaten possible action against such person should the allegations turn out to be untrue.

    To do so at this stage casts serious doubts on the willingness of the authorities to properly and impartially investigate the matter. It will instead be a case of shooting the messenger.

    - We have a duty to the public to act.

    - We have a duty to the many good, honest and hardworking judges, to act.

    - We have a duty to the institution of the Judiciary to act.

    - We have a duty to ourselves as Malaysians, and to civilised society, to say loudly that: enough is enough.
    Let us find out what really went on (and goes on) in the Judiciary.

    Let us not continue to be in a state of denial. .."
    (The above courtesy of Malaysian Unplugged)


    Several months ago, the Bar Council pledged to give support to bloggers should any be forthcoming. It is time now to reciprocate this magnanimous gesture. March with our good lawyers.


    Anonymous said...

    All comments by farklah, najis & 'bodoh' mp must be rejected & be dismissed as mere babbling excuses,

    ...until an independent royal commission has been set-up and facts be made public

    zewt said...

    i know i am being negative but really... will anything be done at all?

    zorro said...

    Zewt...we won't know until we try.If you dont take the first step, you might as well sit down, rant, muse or vegetate and watch the world go by.Usually simpler the ordinary way, but I think these are not ordinary times. However, to each his own. I always respect that.

    J.D. Lovrenciear said...

    Sir, many of us your students way back in 1967 - 69 are today riding high in the professional and corporate world. That was made possible by the courage and honour you instilled in us. I see that same strength of yours so very visible today. God bless you and may there be many more Zorros for the future.
    J.D. Lovrenciear

    Zawi said...

    Go ahead with it. The world will see how superficial is the democracy being practised in Malaysia. Remember to keep the memorandum short, in bold letters wit a minimum font size of 20 and limit it to 3 pages including the cover (Anything more he wont be able to read cos he will be asleep by the time he reaches the 4th page. Remember th 600 pages memo by Ezam? It was a waste of effort for being 600 pages thick).
    Sorry Pasir Mas is too faraway otherwise I can always make up the crowd. Anyway my prayers will accompany marchers to help soften the Pee Em's hardened heart.

    moses foo said...

    Zorro, any idea why MT's MIA today 25/9?

    zorro said...

    Moses, its up now. I just went in.

    Anonymous said...

    lawyers not making the effort to march with the bar council will be known as a... lingam ( sanskrit term - aka as linga & also known as The PHALLUS )

    ME136 said...

    I'll be there, Zorro, in black and white - and an umbrella! If the monks and nuns in Myanmar could do it despite warnings by the government, I don't see why we shouldn't. So glad the Bar Council decided to go ahead with the march instead of being satisfied with the setting up of the special panel to probe the authenticity of the video clip. My faith and admiration in our lawyers has ballooned since they made the decision to march on.

    zorro said...

    Will be looking out for you Vanita. Yes, this move has moved the Bar Council up many notches. These is definitely a more proactive direction with this council under the new Madame President. Its one up for the ladies definitely.

    Nora aka Anon Fm Miri said...

    My soul will be there.


    ghostline said...

    Hello Zorro,

    Am in SG and will not be able to make it tomorrow, but am fully behind the Bar Council march.

    Time to hold the govt accountable, whether they like it or not.

    elviza said...

    I ll see you there. Sorry this is late. Way too busy today.

    I ll call you.

    shar101 said...

    Dang! I was supposed to do a similar posting but O.B.E. still has not got out of his self-inflicted 'stupor'.

    See you for the 'Penguin Walk' at Putrajaya, bro.

    Will bring some yellow ribbons too.