Thursday, August 9, 2007


Since 2004, we have labored through a CLIMATE OF DISCONTENT. Vision 2020 seems to have been aborted (or hijacked?) and the Government is heading towards 2057 (long term goals for short term pains!).

I have never been a pessimist, maverick maybe. As a 17 year old, when Bapa Malaysia emphatically made that three strident albeit emotive pronouncements, I envisaged a glorious beginning for this infant state. We progressed slowly but steadily for the first 20 odd years until Wawasan 2020 jettisoned us on a non-stop flurry to keep necessary pace with a fast-shrinking global village. Malaysians doggedly followed in step with the aspirations of the country. I credit our former leader Tun Dr Mahatir, warts and all, for keeping the country in track. He was not popular all the time. His job was not to be popular. At times he wore the velvet gloves but most of the time he was the martinet, assertive and abrasive when the situation demanded. Yet he left frustrated!

After 2004 under this new administration, when we seemed to have lost our rudder, the climate of discontent seeped into HMS Malaysia's hull. Are we sinking? Good question?

  • Less flag are a-fluttering this year, mine included after flying it faithfully every August since 1996
  • Little warlords muscle their way into our lives, take away our fields to camp their political cabins and the little napoleons close both eyes.
  • a teenager was incarcerated for months for loss of his MyCard, whilst the PM's Mecca-guide steal land meant for the poor to build his stately mansion, still wanders around as if nothing happened. You can excuse the fellow who cannot read English but you cannot let off the other guy who is not blind but cannot see all these shinanigans. The ex-dentist Mentri Besar has seemingly no teeth in this affair as he continues to to groom himself. The American Indians call these "pale face"....a very derogatory appendage. Moves are being made to get this gate-keeper of a mansion-builder absolved of some 30 odd charges currently brought against him. THEY are now in closed-door conference!
  • The Police, need I elaborate more except to say that now their discrepancies, formerly birth-marked with the quick-draw hand, has moved into the protection racket of identified dons. Murderers, rapists, criminals have found an ally in the police. Poor investigation sans critical evidence sets the vermins free. (Two days ago, at Dang Wangi, I counted 14 squad cars in their respective garages and it was not yet lunch-time at the mamaks! In industrial engineering term, any mobile equipment not used is money down the drain. )and the latest gig, defying the Police Act, Sentul Police Chief is suing the public for Rm10m. Aren't they happy with their regular allowance from the public?
  • Abuse is rampant; shady deals are made in the huge conference rooms of our town and city councils, But no one in authority seem bothered, not even Putrajaya.
  • The fully-suited clowns on Parliament hill spout nonentities and hide under the honorific YB (I gathered it as Yang Bozos).Is the PM so blind about the calibre of HIS chosen 0nes. Surely he cant be drowsy 99% of the time. Hello sir, I thought you got a country to run!
  • The Judiciary. The AG and his Department. What can you conclude when the council of Rulers disagree with an appointment. 2 top prosecution attorneys have resigned and we hear that a few more are contemplating likewise, to distance themselves with what is alread amiss.
  • Internal Affairs. Has the Deputy ursurped the Minister's post? This kodok went after Nat Tan, Raja Petra, and Mrs Raja Petra. Police State or Independent State. And DPM Najib's appoointed body-guards are now implicated in the explosive murder of the lover of his high-powered think-tank. What's happening?
This tirade can go on ad infinitum. Like all Malaysians I am at this point in time, frustrated that after 50 years we have regressed. What is there to celebrate? But being a Malaysian, I cannot give up. You cannot give up. We will stop whining and whimpering. We have only one weapon and this nobody can take away from us. It is our birth-right. A NEW CLIMATE CHANGE MUST HAPPEN AND ONLY YOU AND I CAN BRING THIS CHANGE TO FRUITION AND REALITY.



alliedmartster said...


Theres hope yet, come August 25th will see the birth of a new champion group!
Oh...also....ask Hantu, he has some news for you, very interesting one.
To the Beach Valley we shall go.....

Anonymous said...

If only this message reaches the masses in the outskirts, then there willl be hope. Until then, those that cherish a better and cleaner malaysia will have to continue to find more effective altrenative communication channels. Like you said, Zorro, we must not give up.

GobloKing said...

rpk reported in MT that some outlets have been threatened by both their landlords and passers-by on the shop tenants supporting MT by selling the car stickers.

WHAT sort of country is this we live in after 50 yrs??

Is it really the number of yrs which makes us wiser?

Malaysia after 50 yrs have :
1. Mat Rempits - more or less officially sanctioned Hooligans

2. Criminals are no longer restricted to Samsengs. They are now IN the govt, or are acknnowledged Mafia Boss who tells ppl they OWN the police!!

cases botched, witnesses afraid, 1 month to change police statements & evidence (??WTF was that in Altantunya's case?), cases thrown out, Judges who can't judge, billions of $$ lost with new planes, bail outs, bail offs etc.

Meanwhile Sharks & Piranhas are getting away with not even 1 slap on the wrist.

Cry My Beloved Country !!!

Ben said...

Thank you Zorro for the synopsis. Looks like we have so much to talk about at the forum.

Any JB ppl going to KL on 25th for Bangsa Malaysia celebration can hop on the Bangsa Malaysia bus. We hope to charter if we can get 40 pax. Have to act fast. Contact me at

Asuk said...

Don't be surprised if the ex-railway-gatekeeper YB from Klang, or the bocor YBs who have no respsect for their mothers, sisters and daughters are aksed to run again. It will be a tragedy if voters do not seize the chaine to slaughter them and allow them to roam the fieled again.

batwoman said...

Uncle Bernard

The ex-dentist MB is a thorn in the son in law's flesh, a pain in the ass's arse. That huge mansion, for example, belonged to a crony of the son in law. A big crony.

The young, ambitious and greedy man has many more cronies under the ex-dentist's administration.

This ex-MB is having a tough time trying to deal with these cronies. He is one of the very, very few Umno leaders who will not bow to KJ. The Oxford grad despises thie ex-dentist.

Won't it be better to support our enemy's enemy, for he may be able to help us defeat that enemy of ours and the state's, rather than making enemies out of all of them whom we disagree with?

Anonymous said...

climate of change? yes, it will come and the change will be led by the royalty under Raja Nazrin. My wish and thru God's grace, it will come thru.
Thats our only hope for a seismic change. Without which, the country has one way to go. Thats a big "DOWN".

Mr. Smith said...

Well said, Zorro!
Wait! What about kris waving...???

svllee said...

Dear Zorro, we hear your lament loud and clear. Like anon says above the message must reach the masses and not only those who read blogs.

Anonymous said...

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Zawi said...

There is still time between now till November when the GE will be held. Each of us must win over a voter each day to vote the opposition, any opposition as long as they are not BN. Then only will there be success to dent if not topple the present corrupted government.