Monday, August 27, 2007


Recently, blogger Daphne Ling sent me a series of pictures on the subject of cruelty to animals. I selected the above as being appropriate. Our Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment recently lifted the ban on the export of monkeys for various nefarious reasons. I was just wondering what happens if they supply cannot meet demand! Since we are so close a species to our primate cousins, will there come a time when they will have to export Malaysians? It goes without much arguments that bloggers would invariably be the main target of our government poachers. But if they do come for me I will make sure I take at least two of them before they deport me.

50th Merdeka Reflection: After 50 years are we so bankrupt that we are resorting to this distasteful gimmick......isnt this a gimmick to distract us from the humoungous COVER-UPs and BAIL-OUT Public Relations exercises that are on-going.

Bangsa Malaysia Reflection: Last Saturday Peoples Parliament initiated the Bangsa Malaysia Forum at Blog House, the home of the National Alliance of Bloggers (All-Blogs). A commenter posted this on Big Dog's block. I have to post the comment here:

On August 26, 2007 at 11:42 pm awakening Said:
I am moved to see all races coming together, standing up tall proclaiming that we are all ‘Bangsa Malaysia’. If this is the last train to get us there after having missed the station for the last 50 years, I am getting on board!

The only way to escape deportation for export is to get on this train. I am on.......anyone else?


GobloKing said...

Although I like the concept of calling ourselves Bangsa Malaysia, however I think there is someting we can ALL do right now to change ppl's mindset.

Everytime someone asks you what nationality you are, you can say "Malaysian" and NOT "Malaysian Chinese/Indian"

When they look at you puzzled, just ask them if they would be as puzzled if someone said they are American but are not white.

This is because ppl somehow all over the world thinks Malaysians are Malays (ie brown) and not any other color.

Believe me I have been everywhere and I have noticed that ONLY Malaysians will say they are Malaysian Chinese/Indian & ppl are geuninely puzzled to see a non-Malay as a Malaysian.

My answer normally to what nationality I am is (with big smile)"I am Malaysian".

When they tell me, "oh you look so chinese", then I will tell them we have many different races in malaysia and I AM MALAYSIAN although of chinese descent.

So let us start calling ourselves "Malaysians" and not play into the racial cards of our governing party into segregating us by race.

I AM Malaysian because my father lived in it and his father came to it.

I AM MALAYSIAN because I love living in a land where my friends and neighbours are of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

I AM MALAYSIAN because there is nowhere in this world I would rather be; not Paris, New York, London - not even if they gave me a PR.

HERE is where I want to be...and HERE where I want to die.

HERE is where I want ALL my generations to be.


zorro said...

Gobloking: Touche! Spot On; Spoken like a true blue Malaysian! Did we meet that night?

GobloKing said...

no zorro unfortunately I am not in msia..someone has to earn the $$ to pay for the high cost of everything in Msia! :)

And yes, I have been given opportunities (still have 'em) to be citizen of Singapore, Aussie or even Europe BUT I DECLINED!

I can NOT see myself as being anyone else BUT a Msian. I have friends who did the same and despite all this s**t in Msia - we are still warganegara BY CHOICE!

Those of my friends who took up PR & citizenship elsewhere? Till today they miss Msia...this is how strong the lure of Negara Ku is!

Do you know why I wouldn't even bother to take any of them with me?

This is because I have Faith in God, Allah and Karma (true blue Msian all right!)

To the morally corrupt & bankrupt politicians...Let Allah & History judge you.

Everyone has to meet their maker one day...let them deal with it when the time comes.

The Sins of Our Fathers are Always revisited on our Children..those burghers should do well to remember this because they can not guarantee the health and wealth of their off-springs for all eternity.


Anonymous said...

'awakening' says:

Thanks for posting my comments. Seems that the common denominator tugging at all our heart strings guessed it...Bangsa Malaysia

shar101 said...

Shoveling them coals, bro, we are as bloggers, to keep the engine in high gear.

Running through toll-collecting railway gatekeepers at full speed.

Showing the finger to sleeping station-masters as we chug along.

And collecting the people's mail (messages) as we move forward.

P.S. So are we getting a South African to join the Bloggers fraternity? Or will you ask him to donate more Nautilus for membership?

team bsg said...

we have always elected corrupted ppl into power because they have , u guessed it corrupted us fully.
What religion , what bangsa ? its all about the $$$ babe answer is so simple really.
lets vote for the nex corrupted then

ghostline said...

'hantu baris' parachuting onto the train from outside the country. :)

Min said...

I get asked all the time... You Cina ke Melayu? My reply, "I'm Malaysian". The past few months of listening to radio and watching tv, constantly reminded that we are Malays, Chinese and Indians living in harmony with each other. And how we are all very tolerant of other races in our country. Oh pleeease! First we have to put in race in forms (even non official ones) and then we're reminded that we're of different races. Why lah? I am Malaysian first and foremost. No need to be reminded that I'm of Chinese descent. I know already. Enough!

zorro said...

Min, tks for dropping by. Haris Ibrahim of People's Parliament and a few of us are pushing for this race bit in forms. We will either put IRRELEVANT or NOT APPLICABLE. Join us.