Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Fellow Malaysians,

All of us are 'PENDATANGS' in this world and owner and ruler of this universe is Allah swt/Almighty God. I have to be careful in using 'ALLAH' as it exclusively belongs to certain Malays in Malaysia. I am still waiting for a response to my question on this from OIC as I was informed that only in Malaysia there is a FATWA  on this exclusivity. I stand to be corrected. My apologies for the digression. Sdr Zaidee I agree with your views but a slight correction in that mamaks in UMNO were quite limited at one time but of course with my Pak Cik Mahathir and his gang from Kedah/Penang and Kongress India Muslim Malaysia(KIMMA) becoming an affiliate of UMNO the landscape is changing with all the crumbs and bones thrown to KIMMA. If you look at the constitution of KIMMA it is clear that members have to be Muslims of Indian origin. I am still trying to figure  that out but after all we are living in a BOLEH LAND where anything and everything is possible if you are either in the corridors of power or cash rich to throw money to SOME  hungry dogs in government including the police and GLC's. You can be aquitted after you plot and kill your mistress/girlfriend and AG will not appeal. But AG will appeal appeal when a poor cop is found NOT guilty for a paltry offence of RM1500/=.

The TRUE natives of Malaysia are the 'Orang Asal' and they are also 'pendatangs' going by the definition that this universe belongs to the creator. There are more than 15 ethnicities among the Malays but all clubbed as one race'MALAY'. I dont want to delve further as I might be then charged for sedition but Zulkiflee Nordin can insult Hindus/Hinduism and later admits and apologises publicly but AG's office says NFA to PDRM because there is insufficient evidence. Ibrahim Ali can call for burning the bible and some Morons substantiate that he only wanted to burn those bibles which were misprinted. My 12 year old granddaughter after reading that exclaimed that her toes were laughing. Oops why am I again straying away from the main issue. Yes yes I am in bolehland and the disease has also infiltrated into me.

Anyone who is born in this beloved land called Malaya/Malaysia is a 'NATIVE' and all of us are/have to be proud of our origins and that is the democratic right. The extremist and racial fanatic Malays (probably less than 30% and even an infant can smell that dirty lot who belong to a certain party/NGO's) think that ONLY Chinese and Indians are pendatangs. This is slowly changing among the well informed young Malays who have better exposure and not living under a controlled mindset and thanks to BIRO TATA NEGARA and my pakcik Mamak Mahathir.

Let us all unite and say 'MALAYSIA is for MALAYSIANS' and NO to RACIAL FANATICS. One generation has been destroyed and efforts to correct this is hampered by the Malay racial fanatic faction. Last but not least I have written to National Fatwa Council on many issues based on Al-Quran and Hadith. I will mention the following:

1) BN takeover of Perak Govt in 2009 is HARAM. They have not to date disputed my findings.
2) GE 13 is also HARAM. Not disputed to date.
3)National FatwaCouncils fatwa that 'BERSIH' is HARAM. I challenged them and declared that their FATWA is HARAM. Not disputed to date.
4)Certain actions of Election Commissions is HARAM. Not disputed.
5)Certain policies in Governenment are HARAM.
6)Promotions in civil service/Police/Armed Forces/GLC's are HARAM. Not disputed to date.
7)Single race domination and injustice to others HARAM. Not disputed.

All the above are backed up by verses from Al-Quran and Hadith. Probably that is why National Fatwa Council is unable to respond. Alternatively my continuous bombardment might have sent  it to Intensive Care Unit.I wonder why they can be so immune to such serious allagations. Allahuwallam/God Knows Best.

 Last but not least I was born in India and came to Malaya as a BRITISH subject in 1954 and obtained my Malaysia Minor Citizenship in 1962. I studied from school all the way to my college on my fathers scholarship (my late father borrowed from friends and relatives to educate me and my elder brother who is Speaclist Doctor) and had the honour of being the first Malaysian to graduate as Leather and Footwear Technologist. I was coaxed by my father and cousin (who was working in a legal firm and MARA was their client) to leave my Management Trainee position with Tata's International Management Institute in Jamshedpur,India (my contemporaries later became top 5 for the International operations of TATAs)  as Kulitkraft( then owned by MARA) had started a Leather and Footwear factory in P.Jaya and was managed by 2 expatriates. I came back reluctantly and when I walked into the interview I saw all  the Board members in a state of shock. They had apparently expected a Malay or at least a Malay looking guy but there I was a with a big handle bar misai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I left the building in disbelief after I was told that by one of the board members and was in tears when I thought how I was going to settle all the loans my father had taken to send me to college and had 5 other siblings with a lot of expectation that their elder brother will take over from my unwell Dad)I started walking back to the bus stop and saw a sign board outside Colgate Palmolive for vacancies as a factory worker. I walked in and applied for the job and lied thru my teeth when they asked me what I did from 1968 to 1973. I got the job as a daily paid worker.

2nd  May 1974 is still fresh and evergreen as I started my career with JOHNSON PATERSON FOOTWEAR in Mak Mandin,Butterworth as Quality Controller and rose up to Factory Manager and in 1980 KULITKRAF head hunted me for their General managers post and I went for the interview but when they made the offer I politely turned down the offer that I am not a Malay and related my 1973 experience.

My career took me across to work in Japan/Korea/Taiwan/Indonesia/Hong Kong/UK/Ivory Coast/Cameroon and finally joined a British Public Listed Company's subsidiary in KL as their Business Development Director and rose up to Managing Director. In 2000 the Malaysian operations was bought out from the PLC and I became the major shareholder and then expanded to India/Sri Lanka/Dubai/Bahrain/Qatar.

I did not have any Political patronage in my business but CLEAN GOD FEARING civil servants helped me all the way, Alhamdhulillah/All praise to Almighty God. I humbly can claim credit of being the Project Management Consultancy organisation responsible for executing Bukit Jalil Sports Complex/UIA Gombak/Selayang Hospital(working for the Japanese contractor as their Construction Managers)/Upgrading of various sports facilities/MPSP builting in Butterworth/PKNP complex in Ipoh/Bertam Sports Complex, Kepala Batas/Masterplanning and feasibility study for SHELL Miri new HQ/Study and recommendation on Kulim Hi-Tech park which was not taking off the ground/AIMST University, Semeling, Kedah and various other multi-million dollar projects locally and overseas.

We were also employed by Perbadanan Stadium Nasional to supervise the maintenance contract which was privatised. The Maintenance contractor was very highly connected in UMNO. Had a tough time but I instructed my Engineers to carry out their duties professionally. I paid a very high price when my contract was NOT renewed for the next two years for reason I am not a BUMIPUTRA company. What a shock that from 1993 to 2003 they thought I was a Malay/Bumiputra but when I exposed ROGUE Malay thieves who were cheating with their political connections they suddenly had a revelation that I am an Indian Muslim as stated in my Registrar of Company documents. I wrote an appeal to Pak Lah who was PM and a good officer in Treasury told me to submit a fresh application and should declare my status as MALAY. I politely explained to her why I cannot do that and quoted Surah Al-Hujrah ayat 13 (Al-Quran 49:13). That was another sad day in my life and prayed to Allah swt to open up and give Hidyah to the Malay politicians/policy makers to be MUSLIMS/HUMANS first. The reason why the maintenance contactor wanted us out was because we reported that they had short-changed the Stadium corporation and those amounts will be deducted from future payments. Today the Government is going to spend millions of dollars to upgrade and we could easily save 30% on the announced estimates if the maintenance was done properly. We had a 5 star facilty with NO STAR maintenance after our contract was not renewed.

I harbour no ill feelings against those Malays who nearly destroyed me and my company because Allah swt/God decides my rezeki and after all those Malays are also my Ummah and my brothers and sisters in Islam. I am proud to be a MUSLIM FIRST/Malaysian by Nationality and Tamil is my Mother tongue and so a Tamilian by language with a tradition of few thousand years. I do not need a constitution to back me up to identify my RACE. Of course I respect the constitution for what it is worth. Malaysia holds world record for amending the constitution. Here again thanks to my Mamak turned Malay pak cik Mahathir Mohamed a/l  Mohamed Iskandar Kutty. Oops sorry, Mahathir Bin Mohamed. I stand corrected.

As a Caring Corporate Citizen we allocated 20% of our profits for charity since 1974. We adopted Tamil Schools/Rumah Anak Yatim/Tahfiz Quran and host of other needy organisations and we channeled it thru an Independent Yayasan run by a friend of mine. We adopted 50 students(all Malays) from kampungs and helped them from Std 1 to 6. After that they all went on to MRSM and 42 of them are today Professionals (thanks to JPA/Bank Negara/Petronas/GLC's) who gave scholarships. We are also happy that 16 of them are Doctors and some pursuing specialaist programmes. I was the single largest donour to my Primary school (Cator Avenue when they bult their hall) and also the single lagest contributor to my secondary school Anderson School, Ipoh. I was the team Manager for the schools Hockey Team which won the National Championship for 10 years consecutively (a record still not broken) and financially supported the poor students in the team until they finished school. Well 90% were Malays.

I am now semi-retired and I am in the process of becoming a Full Time Activist in Malaysia and probably an educationist too, Insya Allah/God Willing. I am the Protem Chairperson of Global Tamil Muslim Federation based in Vienna, Austria started by 20 Tamil Muslim technocrats who are all billionaires(excluding me though in their terms I am a billionaire too in Ideas/Integrity/Courage/Guts who can take on anybody, even those in our corridors of power...hahahaha). A number of these members are Malaysians who left with a bitter heart 25 years ago when they were denied entry into UM despite better grades than their fellow malay friends with lesser grades who got into UM. They have not stepped foot in Malaysia after that episode but have made it very big in UK/USA) The first project by this group is to start a US300 million University and provide education to poor and needy children at heavily subsidised cost. If all goes well this University should take off in 2017 and now I am lobbying for the Uni to be built in Malaysia but there is a strong lobby for India. Let us pray for the best.

These 20 technocrats are now living in

Japan/USA/Canada/UK/Belgium/Netherlands/Denmark/Sweden/Germany/France. They did their undergraduate studies in a lot of hardship and some of them working part time every day. Their post-graduate/PhD was by scholarships and part time as Tutors. They competed and won on merit. They were not discriminated. To quote the late Moulana Sheikh Abdur Rahman ( he passed away in Madinah at the age of 102 after he performed his 60th Haj in 2010) “In Europe and USA I did not see Muslims but I saw Islam. In Malaysia I saw Muslims but did not see Islam.” He then elaborated the discriminatory aspects here and especially when Malaysians marry foreign spouses and the hassle they had to go thru to get yearly social visit pass.If foreign men married Malaysian women it was even more hassle (except my pak cik Mahathir's daughter who was first married to a French and later an Indonesian who got their Permanent Residency in a short period of time - Please correct me if I am wrong as I don’t want to be accused of Fitnah and sons and daughters of big shots/politicians had an easy passage) and over the years the rules were relaxed as more Malay men and women were marrying foreigners. Not complaining as in Islam a couple cannot be separated for more than 6 months unless on exceptional circumstances. This I can substantiate and I am sure that it will be even easier and maybe instant citizenship for Najib/Rosmahs to be daughter-in law from Kazakhstan. If the Home Minister does not take orders from Rosmah he better be ready for a SODOMY charge. We must be prepared for more killings at the rate it is going now as reported in the papers last few days. After all you don’t need a MOTIVE to kill anybody. And with C4 explosives available al you need is a connection and probably promise the guys whom you hire if they are Malaysians that their faces will NEVER be exposed at any time and gallows will receive the guy but actual culprit after COSMETIC surgery and new identuty will be living happily sfter i some place Indonesia. Oops I have again strayed. Happy reading and God Bless Malaysia and Malaysians.

Wassalam/Best regards
Selamat Berpuasa and Ramadhan Mubarak

Dato Thasleem Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Haj
DPMP(Perak) PMP(Perak)



najib manaukau said...

In the recent case where the principal of a school is known to have asked the Indian students to balik India and the chinese pupils to return to China. He now says that he also asks the Malay students to balik to Indonesia, He would be the first Malay that I am aware of to admit openly that the Malays are descendants of Indonesia. Even though he must have done so because he was been investigated but at least he would be a Malay. Other than the former trade minister and the egregious Mahathir's daughter, to have openly admitted that they are only 2nd or 3rd generation of immigrants.
What the above so called Malays are beginning to admit they are, at best, pendatangs just like all the non Malays. The real natives of Malaya or ease Malaysia is the Orang Asli ( original people) and not, I repeat not the Malays. Even the early settlers from Indonesia termed them as original people and rightly so because they are the really the original people and never the so called Malays. In fact from history there was a place called Malaya until the British decided to do so.
Just like there never was a place known as Australia until the British. They were looking for a place to house the hard core convicts, far from Briton, when they found Australia and decided to call the country Australia. The natives have been in Australia for million of years before it became known as Australia.
The real natives living in the land long long before the convicts from Briton came are the Aboriginals. Similarly are the Orang Asli in Malaysia, therefore the Malays should stop calling themselves the natives of the land. The Malays too are also pendatangs and should stop calling the non Malays to leave this country. Just remember they too are pendatangs to this land and are descendants of Indonesia. Anyone who wish to dispute this is offered to have his or her DNA tested, at my cost if the results are to prove they are not of Indonesian descendants. Again the natives of this land are the Orang Asli and that is why the Orang Asli have been protesting being called 'pseudo Malays' just so to justify they are closely related. Most of the Orang Asli are not muslims and they go hunting (killing wild pigs) in the jungle for food. In short they are what they are and are not Malays !

Anonymous said...

Good video to watch to look back at GE13:

Pipit said...

Interestingly Mahathir was in power during Margaret Thatcher rule in UK, at a time when the Conservatives or capitalist bias party held sway. It was in Thatchers rule that the Brits sold off govt assets under the guise of privatization, received very well under Mahathir who soon started his own game. Till today his cronies have holdings in UK, notably the Yeos who own some UK utilities. Is that such a coincidence? Yeo thinks that Jesus (or the Rakyat will pay the bills for him and Mahathir). And it fall nicely into the 1% vs 99% cliche.

The rest of the story is simply tipu – all the way, the Indian-Malay Mahathir who is neither! And it ties nicely with Najib’s recent dumb Battersea project that will thrash EPF.

Do these guys care? Not one bit. Their iron-clad grip is loosening. What is puzzling and which some non-ampu historians will have to enlighten us one day, is the real political relationship between Tun Razak, an Oxbridge-Cambridge disciple, and Mahathir, his future torch bearer. There is a whole lot of doubt as to why Tun Razak more less agreed with the turn of events with UMNO proponents, Mahathir being the main seen as a main plotter behind the infamous May 13 dark episode.

As for deceiving the Malays and UMNO till today, esp innocent rurals, it would be nothing to him. The next mode he setup was, and still is, the repressive government, till today. How could you have Najib Razak saying he will do everything to help the Police! He’s supposed whip and fcuk them off and tell them to earn their keep. But he cant – the PDRM can refuse to accept the IPCMC!!!

Malaysia still has the roots of the repressive government of May 13 creation. You can say one kampung of Malays are all stupid, as you can say of the Dayaks! But not in the hundreds of thousands and millions! In Sarawak if you think about the DUN, its a dictatorship!

Mahathir still lords with a hawkeye over everybody in BN – he got their balls. What’s worst it could be over all the other guys that really matter in this country.

So how? We’ll wait and see as things unfold.

Anonymous said...

If there is one message being transmitted to the other communities from the recent controversies, it seems that the Islam the Muslims practiced in Malaysia that is endorsed by the powers is that it is a very angry and unforgiving version not tolerant at all.. and they always preach compassion and understanding, patience but action indicates otherwise. Hellbent on Punishing and retaliation rather than educating and trying to make others have a better understanding of the beauty of the religion.

Anonymous said...


Terima kasih BN!

Anonymous said...

That mamak ex-PM coined this word 'bumiputra' which literally translated means 'earth's prince'.
It means those born in this earth.
So by this reasoning,all those born in this country are bumiputra.
So there is no need for this affirmative actions(the NEP).
But seeing this is not the right approach,now they use the word 'malay' to justify their affirmative actions.
Wah Lau ! Like that also can!

Shakirin Al-Ikram said...

Maasalam,Dato Rasleem May Allah give you the Hear your many prayers for the future of a better and uncorrupted Ummah! Reading your lengthy article gave me lump in my throat that so many obstacles were thrown in your way to do honest to goodness Job! The late Maulana should have gathered as many Muslim scholars of the true grit as Dato because they will forge ahead without any fear.
I would like to have the chance to have one of my Cxucu intern under you and attend your Tamil medium institution! At leaast in a way we have someone `balik asal' because somewhere in the assimilation process by my ancestors, we lost our Malbari tongue. A mydin but not much of Tamil I believe after five generations.
My gratitude to Cikgu Zorro, ever the sharp-eye and keen sense this lessons in life of an illustrious non - Malay son of Malaysia, will show other Malaysians, Mahathir and many upstream Malays, are not that great after all.
SELAMAT HARI RAYA YBhg Dato Tasleem may Allah `panjangkan Umur dan sihat-sihat selalu.'
To Allah SWT we beserah and May He be in everything we do!

givemeliberty said...

Fellow Chinese Malaysians, arise fast for Mamakthir has already got the drift that we the Chinese Malaysians have always aimed to take over the country.

We could have done that when we were more than 50 per cent of the population before the British gave Malaya its independence. But we were stupid to expect that we would be treated kindly to share the wealth of land equitably.

Now we are only 25 per cent of the population in a bigger Malaysia. Never mind, you think we cannot do it. Just look at history and around the world. Minorities had controlled stated despite the odds. If Nazis could control the minds of intelligent Germans even though they represent of a small of section of the society then (even though short-lived), so can we. If Saddam's minority Sunni party could lord over the majority Shiites in Iraq (even though short-lived), so can we. If President Assad's minority Shiite group can control Syria which has a Sunni majority, so can we.

Chinese, arise, we can do it. We can take over the whole of Malaysia. We can lord over the other races, whether Malays, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, etc., etc.

But, wait, we must have a good and infallible strategy. First, we must take over the armed forces. Power comes from the barrel of the gun. So, we must control the military. Therefore, get our people to head the military units: the Chief of the Armed Forces, the Chief of Army, the Chief of the Air Force, the Chief of the Navy, all top positions - generals, rear admirals, commodores,colonels and major, etc. and even sergeants must be Chinese. How to get some Chinese to fill these positions - don't ask just fill them up. With military in our control, we control the country. Remember we are a minority, we have to have military might, otherwise forget it!

Then we must head the top positions in the Police. The IGP, deputy IGP, SPs, DSPs, etc., etc, and don't forget the Rela units and other civil defence setups also as these must be in our hands. This is important to strengthen our grip on power.

Wait, wait, can these be possible!

Oh, dear. One can just get carried away.

Now back to reality. You see, fellow Malaysians, all Malaysians whatever race or grouping you may want to associate yourself with, this Mamakthir must be having his brain liquefying. Whatever is left in his skull has caused him to be deluded, complete insane in fact.

How in the world is it possible for the Chinese to take over the political reins of our beloved Malaysia. Before independence, most Chinese even though they were the majority never did had any political ambitions and after independence they became aware that they have a role to play to prosper and grow the country together with other Malaysians. Now, they just want to have a decent life in the land of their birth. That's all the Chinese want.

Mata Kucing said...

Mahathir does not care about the Malays at, all be them living in his home state Kedah, kampung Baru or anywhere in the country. He only cares about himself, his family and rewarded those elites and warlords in Umno Baru who had supported him to plunder the nation and implemented several draconian laws to curb dissent and continue to be the influential voice in Umno Baru till today

Anonymous said...

An article by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on “The Chinese Dilemma” has been removed by Facebook for allegedly violating its community standards, according to the former prime minister’s Facebook page’s administrator.

The column piece, originally published in English daily New Straits Times (NST) and then posted on Dr Mahathir’s Facebook page, painted a portrait of Chinese Malaysians in a dilemma, caught ostensibly between their thirst for political control while retaining their economic clout and the decades-old power-sharing formula.

This means there were many who were disturbed and opposed, and complained to Facebook against what Tun wrote. It is believed that Dr Mahathir’s article may have been removed for promoting hate speech, which according to Facebook includes attacks on people based on their actual or perceived race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or disease.

Anonymous said...

When we Chinese get bully ask us go back to China, Where is the leader MCA who could fight for justise. All no balls only shown in VCD only. Where is the akta hasutan for those who make racist statement. The Bak kut teh was wrong but compare with racist remarks, which more treated to national security?

This is no Chinese Dilemma, but MCA Dilemma created by Tun M.

Anonymous said...

Every single being created has a purpose to fulfill on Earth, dogs included. Why go through all the trouble in bringing diversity on this planet when god could have just settled for one race, one flower, one animal, one fruit, one religion etc?

Yet we grouse and fight with one another every day about the differences - don't you think it's for some reason? Perhaps it is for us to understand that we should embrace all these differences and come together as one in the end?

Anonymous said...

Liow Tiong Lai's ulterior motive of going to China is not to learn about the strength of Chinese Communist Party. Actually it is part of his campaign to win over the post of president of MCA. He thought he is like the late Tun Razak, going to China to shake the hand of Mao Tze Tung so that he could win over the Chinese votes in the general election then. The late Tun Razak was successful then in winning over the Chinese votes. Time have changed. Liow Tiong Lai is wasting his time. The generation Y has no emotional attachment to China.

Anonymous said...

LKY speaks the truth in his new book on Malaysia. Why does he want to lie? He is dying and death is imminent. So why does he need to lie? He is in no position to correct all the wrongs and mistakes made by BN/UMNo for the future of Malaysia. It is up to all malaysians if we the rakyat can face the truth and make all the necessary changes. If not, be prepared to face bankruptcy and chaos

Anonymous said...

The Malay Dilemma will persist so long as the malays still watch TV3 and read Utusan.

pak yeh said...

This Tasleem guy is a Tamil racist. All those who say Malays are pendatangs are racist.If you are not a racist you would "be Romans when in Rome."or "be Malay when in Malaysia."
If You can call yourself Bernard Khoo identifying yourself with British, why cant you identify yourself with Malays by calling yourself Awang Khoo.???.
Pot racist calling kettle racist black lah.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is partly responsible for the spiraling crime wave. The crime rate is high because:

1) Mahathir marginalised the Indians during his 22-year reign.

2) Income inequality with the second highest Gini coefficient in Asia, as Mahathir enriched a select group of cronies (rent-seekers) at the expense of the poor.

3) He used the police force to harass the opposition, resulting in nearly 50 percent of manpower assigned to internal security (spying on political opponents).

Studies have shown that countries with minimal disparity between the rich and poor have some of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Also the police force needs to be independent and apolitical, unlike our PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police) which has been misused for selective persecution of political opponents.