Sunday, October 21, 2012


PPIM chief activist Nadzim Johan HERE said Starbucks had been nominated for the award based on allegations that some of its profits go to Israel.

I don’t need anger management! I need people to stop pissing me off.
The list of Jewish products listed below is ony 1/10 of the full list of Jewish products. I have picked only those available in the country and to make it simpler I have drawn the list up according to alphabetical order for impact.  I was wondering how I could support Nadzim Johan apostolic zeal when he finally engineers the loss of jobs of myriads of our rakyat if his crusade bears fruition.
To make it simpler:
Do not drink or eat commercial drinks and foods, do not use a car or other industrial product, do not sleep in a house.
Doing any of those things (and many others on my prepared list) you will directly or indirectly support some Jew owned company. And by the way, avoid diamonds …… Jews own all the diamonds.

If idiots could fly UMNO would be an airport, yah?

Here's a few to start with and don't forget STARBUCKS!
Ball Park
Banana Republic
Boss - Hugo Boss
Coca Cola
Donna Karan
Dr. Pepper
Estee Lauder
Giorgio Armani Parfums
Haper Collins
Helena Rubinstein
JC Penney
Jimmy Dean
Johnson and Johnson
Kit Kat
Kimbery Clark
Marks & Spencer
National Geographic Channel
Ralph Lauren
Time Magazine
Tommy Hilfiger
Victoria's Secret
Villager's hardware
20th Centrury Fox

And remember one other thing…..If the barcode start 7290 put it back on the shelf.
And should you lose your job because of this boycott, you know who to look for.
In the meantime enjoy your jobs while you still have them.


Anonymous said...

tell him not to use Petron. am told non-halal money is used to acquire the control.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zorro

Who needs Israel. We have Kedai 1Malaysia. We have NAJ1B. We have the MAN, Najib. Nothing else and no one else matters

bruno said...

Stupid asshole,this guy.Must have taken his head out of the donkey's ass after parking it there for some time.

Consumer said...

PPIM is dominated by minion UMNO leaders who are trying hard to be seen and heard by the top leadership. You can always see them together with other pro-UMNO NGOs during PERKASA's press conferences.

It is said that it likes to irritate some companies in the hope of getting some 'contribution'. The High-5 bread scare and the sausage scare some years ago among Muslims consumers, were propagated by PPIM.

Many Muslims lost millions in savings when they invested in a get-rich-quick scheme Jai-Network which was endorsed by its leaders some years ago.

Anonymous said...

What nincompoops like Nadzim Johan and others sucking up to the top UMNO mafia do not want their race to know is that the Jews, though far fewer in numbers compared to these rent seekers, have become world leaders by sheer hard work, grit, determination and the efficient use of the God given grey matter!

They are international leaders in every field that matters. Unlike Nadzim and his elk, the Jews are not rabid and don't run berserk like headless chicken under the pretext of being champions of race and religion.

If these shameless louts had a tenth of the grey matter of Mariam Mokhtar or Bakri Musa, just to name a few emancipated Malays from the UMNO/Mamakthir inflicted disease known as the crutch syndrome, these little assholes could do some justice for being born as human beings.

These misfits cannot see the beams/logs in their eyes but are only too quick to point out the speck of dust in the eyes of others. These dungus can calmly accept the fact that Sharizat's family conned the taxpayers' into believing NFC was rearing cattle when in actual fact they were investing RM250 million on condos, cars, restaurants and land banks.

Nadzim Johan and his ilk in Perkasa, Perkida, etc. are the lowlife pawns that UMNO/Mamakthir employs to divert the attention of the rakyat from more pressing and important matters of national importance. These are the 50ringgit and nasi bungkus troopers UMNO has in abundance to do their dirty work. Are these morons aware of it? If they had half a peanut brain, they would not try to put all their shortcomings, failings and mediocre achievements on the Jews. When will they stop blaming Sorros when the economic situation in the country is on the verge of collapse?

Nadzim and retards like him are happy when the MACC mongrels go after perceived corruption of Opposition leaders. A case in point is the one that took the life of Teoh Beng Huat. Do these bird brains go after Musa Aman, Ali Rustam and Taib the mother of all corruption?

There is no deliverance for Malaysia from corruption, bigotry, racism and religious fanaticism so long as Malays do not wake up from the self induced Ketuanan slumber.

The day Malays realize that the Kerala mamak had conned them for more than 22 years and made them his slaves, that would be the start of a new era - an era that might propel the country as an advanced nation where human capital irrespective of race or religion is more important than stupid sloganeering and chest thumping.

baDBoyzs said...

Crass stupidity/misfits or something like that is a totally wrong description for these hypocrites. This "crusade" has nothing to do with intelligence or the lack thereof.

Simply put, it is a typical low down devious attempt by certain slime dogs/cheats to use religion & race for a certain ulterior purpose.

Its all about money, sex & power

Anonymous said...

You have left out Singer Sewing Machines. Singer, a Jew, is the inventor of household sewing machines.

vp biden said...

potong konek also invented by now?..stitch back yr foreskin laa bangang..!

new fart said...

Anonymous 8:59AM.......hear, hear....

siewchin said...

Mark Zuckerberg is a Jew :-D

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Zorro,

I believe the mid wives dropped these UMNO f**kers on their heads when they first came out to the world from their mothers wombs. Otherwise how can it possibly be explained that these UMNO f**kers are so stupid.

backStreetGluttons said...

BN & stooges/slimedogs at work. Evil forces using race, religion & the off repeated mantra of Muslims under threat, also an organised (albeit incompetent, as usual) distraction from BN's imminent collapse

Anonymous said...

Hi vp biden, the jews are also credited for halal (kosher)food and wearing the kopia (skull cap). They pray towards Jerusalem, whereas the dumbno morons pray facing Mecca. What is original about these rent seekers apart from being rent seekers and parasites! At the rate they are going they might eventually replace the primates in the zoos.

Donplaypuks® said...

This I Ali & his acolytes should all be banned to Israel.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Not to forget that more than 50% of the drugs sold at all our pharmacies and given out at hospitals are discoveries by the Jews; the movies at cinemas and on TV; and many of the top Hollywood stars are Jews too..
Are we going to boycott all of them. Back to the kampong days then.

xRey said...

Good to have U back n KICKING sir.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Wonder how many umno clowns have LEVI jeans in their closet.

Anonymous said...

Najib and UMNO must be held responsible if and when Mokhtar's (pseudo) Empire collapses one day.

The entire nation is held at ransom to please this man, seen as a proxy of UMNO. This empire is like a cash cow for UMNO. But then when it collapses ( high probability at that ) the people's money will be used to bail it out!

The winners = Mokhtar and UMNO; the losers = Malaysians. What an abuse of government machinery and public funds.

Say "NO" to Mokhtar, king of Corporate Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Why malays are so against the Jews?

It contradicts that Islam is a religion of peace, not hatred.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if steve jobs is jewish? are there investors in TM, Maxis, DiGi, Axiata, Maxis, android programers jewish, PR to PM jewish? ciggies, kfc, airbus, boeings ...any jewish elements, nabi nabi...

wongty robert said...

If this guy did not put PNB, EPF at the top of his hit Jews list, he has merely confirmed himself as the most stupid person in the country! He should return to UMNO for beginners' refresher courses!