Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I am into this not because it seems to be the flavor of the day. I am into this not because I enjoy writing and sharing. I am into this because (with your postings, of course) together, we want to unearth and unmask those saw-dust Caesars (read, politicians and the pseudo powers-that-be). The final straw that broke the camel's back to finally kick-start this blog is of course the legal action of the bullies, hiding under a corporate perforated umbrellas, against two uncompromising and not-so-easily cowed master-bloggers. These plaintiffs know as much about journalism as a toad would know about baking a cheese cake. These have turned the mainstream dailies into house organs, and in-house sheets promoting the interests of their political masters, thus making them impotent as an independent news voice. Investigative journalism to unravel unbridled corruption, thriving unimpeded on Malaysian fertile environment is definitely anathema! This maiden posting ask these questions: Where is the power to think for oneself? Where is the forum for diverse ideas? What happens to the court of public opinion?


shanghaistephen said...

Hey zorro,
Welcome to the fast growing world of bloggers ! I'm sure you have a reservoir of stories/tales/secrets/and info on alot more things I would have experienced in my tender age! And you would unlease them one by one for all to read.!
Saw you walking tall in jeff ooi's 'Blogger's unite' photos ! Heh...heh...!

p.s. please dont do a standupphilosopher lah bro.he's still in "too shot"man.Cheers !

mis_tey said...

Hi zorro

Been a ardent follower of yrs. Love reading yr comments especially at Rocky's.

Been wondering who you are & have asked rocky if he had any inking who this Zorro is.

Now I knowlah.

I look forward to reading more of yr commentaries just as I do of Rocky's, Jeff Ooi's, AJK's, Kickdefella, MM's, Nuraina's, Kuda Ranggi, Shanghaistephen among others.

Suci Dalam Debu said...

Hello zorro,

I remember zorro...good stinging comments. Not many write like you do.

I also apprecaite the support you are lending to the duo.

Rajahram's Journal Online said...

Welcome aboard, bro. We sure are going to have fun, blogging. My journal, Rajahram's Journal, is available at: http://rajahram.blogspot.com. Don't be shy to peek and let your friend's know as well.Cheers.

Lame Basket said...

The NaSTy picking on BLOGgy case also got me started on blogging. :-)
Am not good at writing, so I contribute an alternative way to send message across. :-)
Keep it up.

Lame Basket

lucia said...

hey congrats on starting a blog. about time!

don't know if you still remember me. at one time you used to comment in my blog (but had stop doing so for a long time).

welcome to blogosphere! i'm sure you'll have lots to blog on seeing the interesting comments you left here and there in other blogs.

jordan said...

a great leader is one who inspires a nation to think and reason. a bad leader suppresses the mass to follow a foolish agenda blindly.
keep nurture the thinking power of the masses by your blog.
a life which one can look back in satisfaction is a life twice lived.

zorro-unmasked said...

Shanghai, mis-tey,suci dalam debu, rajahram,and lame basket, thanks for the warm welcome. When we walk tall, we walk together. With your support, this blog will achieve its intended mission.....and lame basket, we need not be good writers....you will be recognised when you write from the heart.Much cheers.

zorro-unmasked said...

Lucia,yes it has been sometime but i do go into your blog but have not commented much.
Jordon,thats from the heart.

stand-up philosopher said...

Hi Zorro,
Out of the night when the full moon was bright comes a blogger.....and I hope that was when your blog was created.
Finally I see you posting your own blog but still send in comments in other blogs as well, 'cos I think Zorro has much to say about many things. Will be 'keeping an eye'on you Mr. Zorro.


zorro-unmasked said...

Thanks Tony, besides standing up andbeing philosophical, you are waxing lyrical, I figure. Cheers lah.

ee said...

I think this is brilliant! The fact that more people are blogging after what has happened to Jefff and Rocky –simply sends a very positive message out. I guess in one big way –this shows that people are coming forward to write either in support, protest or just wanting to have their say to things as well. I think the NSTP should realize, if they haven’t, that what they have initiated by taking legal actions against JO and RB has led to more people coming forward arm with fingers on the keyboard saying things sharper than before. And hopefully with more of us –it would be louder than before too.

I think I am going to follow suit too. And this time with proper discipline, as I started one sometime back but never got around to be focus with it much. I would do this on FT/Thaipusam Day break respectively.

Ee (aka Nik Fahmee)

zorro-unmasked said...

YES, YES, YES FahmEe. JUST DO IT.Walk with them and join in the CHEERS.

Elanor said...

Hi Zorro,

I have started blogging recently too, after a couple of years being an observer of the Malaysian blogosphere. The suing of two of the main bloggers was clearly the tipping point for me.

Being an economist, I try to blog about issues close to heart, esp. regarding Malaysia, from the economics perspective.

Do drop over if you are free :)


ADrock said...

ello mr zorro...this is great. i was hoping
u'd start ur own and glad u did. will definitely
follow ur blog closely and hv bookmarked it.

oh, hey, i just saw u passed by thru my bedroom
window clad in on your boxers. totally unmasked.

yup..thats zorro for u. this aint gotham city but he's
the batman here. the livewire of the community.



hip hip hurray,
go zorro go!
marina M (rantings) welcomed me when i started blogging early this month. she did so as a senior of one month.
so, i am welcoming you as a senior of three weeks (i think).
so glad you have joined us here in blogospere.
i will be kacau-ing you a lot, zorro.


Lee said...

welcome to blogosphere man. Hope u unearth the carpet along the corridors of super power :)


zorro-unmasked said...

Elanor, touche!!!
Kerp, keep your eyes on the keyboard,will ya?
Nuraina, my gorgeous three week older sister...better to be 'kacau-ed by the people you know than the devils you dont know.
Lee,with all bloggers' putting our shoulders together we can unearth any dirt under the carpet, sans vacuum cleaners!

QueenB said...

Way to hustle, man!

zorro-unmasked said...

Yes queenb(abe), we'll huddle and hustle together with Jeff and Rocky.Cheers sayang.

desiderata said...


finally unmasked, I see another Taiko's disciple like Desi two years ago -- but where is Catherine-Zeta J?
desi welcomes Z with two golblets of terhtarik in Au and Ag, you bring the Pt whip!
ENJOY the duels, or duets.

Sheih said...

Welcome to the virtual world bro.

You surely deserve a poster!

zorro-unmasked said...

Desi, thanks.Proud to be among a band of bloggers. Zeta? You good friend of Mike Doublas ah? You ask him to lend me zeta lor...then we three can tarek.....no teh-tarek.

Sheih, you definitely contributed to my seizing the day. Cape diem, shalom.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Was reading screenshot so came over here to have a look see and look, I did, and like, what I see. Can't say that I have read any of your postings anywhere I have not been very adventurous scouring blogs but if you are writing on the side of justice then you are my man. Glad to see so many like minded people and happy to be here amongst all of you. How I wish what we share here are not mere rhetorics; not just a place to vent out our anger and voice out our frustrations but sharing a common desire to do what we can and should to not allow ourselves to continue being angry and frustrated and this is not a mere rhetoric. Good luck and keep the fire burning.

zorro-unmasked said...

Kata tak nak. Thanks. Only like-minded people like you Band of Bloggers can keep the fire burning.
Cheerfully burning brother.

Linken Lim said...

Hi Zorro,
A sharp commenter is about to "revealing anything swept under the carpet and unmasking the sweepers".
Keep your promise!
welcome to blogosphere.

mohd said...


mohd said...

bro, something is not right with this user ID i'm posting...... never register an account under the this user ID. there must be some flaw.... huh?!

zorro-unmasked said...

Linken, only with the help of our Band of Bloggers (BoB)can we achieve the intended. You help with your feedback, ok?

Mohd....I am so new to blogging....I dont know how to help you. Can somebody? Anybody?

Michael said...

I just want to say Welcome To Blogsphere. And keep true to your "mission statement".



thquah said...

Have already bookmark you.Cheers.

lc teh said...

Looking forward to see more of your ZIGZAG signs in blogosphere Mr. zorro. Welcome.

J.D. Lovrenciear said...

Sir Zorro,
I am 52 and remember very vividly how upon your arrival at La Salle Sentul in the 1960s, the rowdies fell into shape. Soon, the local 'gangsters' were transformed and brought glory to the school through sporst and academically.That is the kind of Zorro we need. And I pray that some of our politicians will borrow a page or two from your examplary service and icons like you for then the nation can attain a track record of clean bills. Best wishes Sir.
J.D. Lovrenciear

ME136 said...

You've finally got your own blog after all these years of playing the supporting role. It's like getting a lead role in a movie. I hope you have fun blogging, bringing up issues for us all to ponder and debate on, to get some of us thinking in ways that are not conventional. It's not just the pro-establishment people that fail to think out of the box. Even the anti-establishment people sometimes parrot the same rhetorics. I suppose it has to do with the herd mentality that the human race is cursed with. Looking forward to a lot of mental acrobatics, zorro.


zorro-unmasked said...

Michael, I have the gun,the bow and the whip, get me the bullets, the arrows and the target. You guys do that and together we shall overcome.

thquah...thanks for bookmarking...but hold my hands too. Comprende?

icTeh...you will see those three slash signs....just point out the target(s).

vanitha....its been some time.U were the perfect hostess.Yes,it is always comfortable to have a vision of what is good for us. But vision without ACTION is merely a dream. We hope thru this brave Band of Bloggers, translate this vision into a concerted proactive stance for the betterment of this beautiful country, unfortunately pock-marked by some low life-forms that sneaked into the corridors of power. More power to the Band of Bloggers then. Cheers to Devid please.

zorro-unmasked said...

JD, I read you often posting your comments in the mainstream media. I felt proud of you. I used to do that but it pained when they butchered and disemboweled your text to kow-tow to their masters diseased view of guided democracy. Amongst the Band of Bloggers, you say it like it is. In blogsphere, there are no strangers....only FRIENDS we have not met. I shall stop sermonising. Much cheers to you and yours. Catch you again JD.

Trashed said...


Saw you walking the walk in the pic with Rocky and Jeff Ooi and said "Celaka, is that fella looking for a pub in Wisma Denmark ?" I was surprised to find out that you have unmasked and joined the blogosphere and Web2.0. But power to you, lah.

You were once my football coach many, many moons ago with Gerry and you definitely knew my old man. We do bump into each other in KL/PJ and in time to come, I will meet up with you again.

Prefer to remain masked but don't worry, I have no silver bullets nor do people call me Kemo Sabe.

However, there is much swept under the carpet in our beloved country and the truth is out there. As you have much experience dealing with govt ministries and corporate Malaysia, I do hope you will share your insights and viewpoints.

While we love to point out the flaws and injustices, we should also recognise the good and proper.

zorro-unmasked said...

Trashed. It is ok to remain unmasked. It is our right to be private, and these privacies we have to unselfishly preserve. Just whisper into my ear, when we do meet (at National Press Club, maybe?)that you are Trashed....and we will down a few for old times sake. No Kimo Sabe, I am not the Lone Ranger, No Tonto, no silver bullets....just rantings and musings FROM THE HEART.Of course there are so many good things about our country and our people. We have a PAST of significance. I worry about the FUTURE becasue some annointed goons are f@#^*&> up the PRESENT.

MarinaM said...

Welcome Zorro! Nice to meet you the other day!

the other side of fear said...

hi zorro, really nice to see you on the blog. welcome to blogsphere, another brothen won. more blogs seem to be sprouting after the law suit,and we're all the merrier for it. who said it was a chilling effect? hah! it must be really chilling now for those heavy on the top!!! :). thanks for using my poem on your second post. i feel honoured ...

susan said...

hi zorro, really nice to see you on the blog. welcome to blogsphere, another brothen won. more blogs seem to be sprouting after the law suit,and we're all the merrier for it. who said it was a chilling effect? hah! it must be really chilling now for those heavy on the top!!! :). thanks for using my poem on your second post. i feel honoured ...

jasgill said...

Hi Zorro. Just curious whether you were my teacher. La Salle Sentul yr 1968. If you are that Bernard Khoo who taught English then I am glad to make your acquaintance after all these years.


zorro-unmasked said...

Marina,its reciprocal.
Susan, so I am forgiven. Thanks.
Jasgill, yes lah, the same bloke who insisted that every student must complete one story book every fortnight, must either join British Council or USIS Library, show 5 new word and make sentences with those 5 words.I hoped that helped? No? If Yes to NO...then go read this great book, Blue Ocean Strategy. Much cheers to you all.

Old Fart said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Old Fart said...

j.d.loverencia, Bernard may have tamed many under his watch....but only until they all came over to MBS...and then it was likea tied dogs let loose for some. But we all became good friends and in a matter of two years we all became buddies even. And ofcourse we had to all hear about this tireless creature they all referred to as Bernard Khoo like as if he were some god or what ever.

Anyway, finally I did meet Bernard in one of his "student buddies" 50th birthday not too long ago...And sure enough he was remarkable.

But Bernard , you did have one of those faithfuls of yours faithfully serving the bullies until just a couple of years ago maybe and another until a few years ago.....Pity them really!

patrickteoh said...

Hi Zorro bro. Good to see you blogging. Together we shall overcome seems to be the catchphrase that those flers in power have been using for decades. With great success too. It's time every Malaysian realises that there is POWER in unity. We can affect change. We WILL.

zorro-unmasked said...

Patrick, thanks for dropping by. Yes, only when there is unity of purpose can idealism translate into reality.I am a neophyte and therefore need all the support from you experienced Band of Bloggers. Thanks for this support and hug Min for me. Much cheers bro.

To Old Fart, It is not possible to remember the charges under me in those 19 years of teaching....I was even reluctant to address you as Old Fart, but it is better than "oi you." Pls forgive me. I would be the last to say that I have no faults or foibles and in those 19 years I have made mistakes. I have learnt from those mistakes and I make less these days. Have a good week end OF (I think OF sounds better.

zorro-unmasked said...

To me136. Sorry to miss you first time around. Thanks for your posting. Acrobatics? I think mental gymnastics will be more appropriate for me...Keep cheerful, yes?