Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mended Wings

I chanced upon Susan Loone's "Birds with Broken Wings" and I have to share these with you and the Band of Bloggers (BoB):

we are birds with broken wings
living in golden cages
with no power of speech
no voices to explain
the sorrows and pains of our daily existence
our movements are clipped
feet bound in chains
and all expressions on our faces
are tense within the limits of our own minds
if you ask why
there will be no answers worthy of you
except to tell you
you must accept the fallacy of wealth
bear this modern day slavery
never mind, join the game of power struggles
tell lies wrapped in sugar coated policies
who cares if all your passion, inclinations
and intelligence are restrained?
these birds with broken wings
trapped in golden cages
will never fly again.

Susan, sorry I didnt get your permission, but I remember a boss of mine telling me: It is easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. Forgive me luv.

Allow me to contribute this at these appropriate times:

Our wings, broken, fractured
perched haplessly helpless.
Yet those empowered
vegetate, live dormant, subservient
and castrated into indolence.

Band of Bloggers!
Pluck out a quill from our broken wings
Dip Deeply into our true-blue plasma red
To freely, fluidly let flow
To mend those broken wings.

strong, powered wings turkeys endowed
but you ain't no turkey!
lest you consort, earth-bound
gobbling likewise.

So Band of Bloggers, spread those mended wings,
Catch the wind beneath your mended wings
To soar like eagles,
eagle-eyed, focussed on what creeps and crawls
(under the carpets)


Pak Idrus said...

Bernard I did not see you email address on the blog, so appreciate if I could get your email address so that we may communicate more. thanks. Have a nice day.

Kata Tak Nak said...

This about sums up the state of affairs in this country of ours. Worth, meaning merit, is never recognised if one is a victim of poverty in both money and contact. This won't do.

tony said...

Hi Bernard,

If only I had a Cikgu like you in school, perhaps now I may be able to write like you!
I can still vaguely recall my Cikgu in school (singular by choice) cos, the rest, they just didn't cut no.
I dropped out of Form 6 because I couldn't get the minimum subjects I would have liked to take!

Anyways, congratulations on your blog. I will surely drop in again.
Oh more thing, you may want to go to settings and change your time of post. . .it struck me at first that you are one of the few early to blog bloggers...then again. As noted in Pak Idrusses comment, you may have had your timing wrongly pointing to the wrong GMT. drop in on my blog, and tell me if I am fighting a lost cause.

Tony Yew a.k.a alliedmartster

zorro-unmasked said...

Pak Idrus, thanks for dropping by.Sure we seniors need to communicate with each other more often: reach me at

KTN,together we can change things. It was Michaelangelo who said, "Little thins make perfection, but perfection is not a little thing." Wars are lost because pocket battles waged are not sustained. We can, together, make a difference.

Tony, thanks for your comments and the advice on the time of posting.Will drop by your site.

Much cheers to all.

yok hoong said...

Great piece.

I am elated to see that more and more bloggers are coming onstream. It gives me optimism and good vibes that positive changes are coming and that more Malaysians will shed their passiveness and get engage with the current affairs of the country.

Diverse opinions and free flow of information will help to raise the people's awareness and keep the government of the day on their toes and be more accountable as well as to contain the spread of cancerous cells of corruption. Relying on mainstream papers for this objective is not the answer as they have to answer to their political masters who so happen is the government of the day. Thats why blogging is a key alternative information dissemination channel and I am sure that the efforts of responsible bloggers for a better tomorrow for Malaysia will not be in vain.

May I say many thanks to you for initiating this blog and share your views with elegance. Once again, terima kasih for lifting my spirits of hope that there will be a better tomorrow for Malaysia.

God bless you and your family.

BT said...

My first time here.Fabulous blog and I hope I can follow your footsteps.

the witches' broo said...

I hope to keep on blogging and broo-ing like you, zorro. But then, 67 isn't old. not at all.
Was it not Emerson who said : " We do not count a man's years until he has nothing else to count".

Good day to you, sir.