Monday, December 22, 2008


This is a contribution from PAT LU, Co-Founder, Pahlawan Volunteers, a Malaysian Voluntary and Advocacy Group.


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nstman said...

Zorro, No words could describe my emotions after seeing this clip. I just cried... and cried. It's so unfair.

robin hood said...

How ironic. The real bumis got screwed by pendatangs who claim to be the sons of the earth.

Anonymous said...

The government has enough money to buy Sukhoi, scorpene and many more unused military assets but no money to help the needy.
This nation is in a dire need for change and major overhaul.

joshua said...

Is there any way that we could help this family? All Malaysians owe a great magnitude to the Orang Asli...

peng said...

Joshua, this Christmas, there is an effort by some very kind people in the Klang Valley giving thousands of ringgit worth of food like rice, sugar, milo, sardines etc and medicine to the Orang Asli villagers.
Most of them are so poor that when offered a job in PJ, he does not even have the money for bus fare from his village (in Pahang) to report for work. A visit to the villages will make us really thank God for the comfort of the decent life we have.
Of course, aid to them is not given only during Christmas. Visits to the villages are made several times a year.
One thing we can do is to give them jobs.
Isn't it sad that they are like a forgotten tribe?

Anonymous said...

let's form a UNION 4 the olang asli
to claim back their lands, ok !?